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How to Keep Track of Your Pension Fund Contribution - Expert | The Morning Brief


During an insightful interview on The Morning Brief segment of channels TV, Oguche Agudah, the Chief Executive Officer at PenOp, provided viewers with a comprehensive education on pensions, specifically focusing on the contributory pension scheme.

Agudah elucidated on the intricacies of the scheme, highlighting the process by which contributed funds are strategically invested in diverse bonds. He further elaborated on how the dividends generated from these investments are disbursed back into individual pensions accounts. Throughout his explanation, Agudah emphasized the paramount importance of safety and security concerning the funds invested, reassuring viewers of the robustness of the pension system.

Overall, Agudah's insights shed invaluable light on the workings of the contributory pension scheme, offering viewers a deeper understanding of its mechanics and benefits.