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Investment Consortium

PenOp partner with FSD Africa to unlock Africa's capital market potential

PenOp in collaboration with FSD Africa, held a Consortium roundtable on the 25th of July with CIOs from the Industry to deliberate on infrastructure investments. Looking ahead, the outcomes of this consortium roundtable hold the promise of reshaping the landscape of infrastructure investments. The strategies stand as a testament to the Consortium's dedication to pioneering new approaches in the pursuit of sustainable development.

A follow-up roundtable discussion was also organized on the 26th of July by FSDA assembling key players from the market to participate in purposeful conversations. These dialogues were strategically designed to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms through which domestic capital markets can efficiently channel long-term capital.

Collaborating closely with PenOp, FSD Africa's overarching objective is to equip stakeholders with the knowledge and tools necessary to take an influential stance in fostering enduring financial support within Nigeria.

Recap of the Consortium Roundtable on July 25th, 2023.

Recap of the Roundtable discussions held on July 26th, 2023.