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Sources of Pension Asset Growth

January Infograpics

The year 2022 represented another great year for the Contributory Pension Scheme, with RSA holders experiencing geometric increase in the value of their accounts and that in no small part was as a result of another positive quarter for pension fund assets.


In Q3 2022, a total value of N649.51bn ($1.4bn) as inflows into pension fund assets was reported. Bringing the total amount of inflows for the first three quarters of 2022 to N2.05trn ($4.6bn). Once again underlying the value of the pension scheme.


In Q3, 56.6% of all inflows (N367.62bn) were from contributions by RSA holders, Interest on coupons and bonds valued at N266.13bn accounted for 40.97% of all inflows while dividend/rental income and gains in equities and equity funds accounted for 2.43% (N15.76bn) of all inflows.