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Developing a performance-driven learning culture

PenOp partnered with The Learning Effect to host a knowledge sharing session with guest speaker James Poletyllo, one of the Founding DIrectors of The Learning Effect

Developing a performance-driven learning culture at the workplace is essential - PenOp

Learning is not a goal; it is a daily tradition motivated by curiosity, a desire for results, self-awareness, and skill development to generate fact-filled feedback, thereby providing a different perspective (re-evaluation), to solve an existing or potential challenge. With this in mind, the Pension Fund Operators Association of Nigeria (PenOp) put together a knowledge-sharing session for the operators within the pension industry to educate them on the need to embrace learning as a culture in order to create actual and lasting change in their learning practices. The theme of the session: "How to Develop a Performance-Driven Learning Culture".

The online session, which was open to pension professionals, sought to impact the need for passionate learning - the why, what to learn, and how to learn. All of these and more were discussed at earningPenOp’s recent knowledge-sharing session. 

Various levels of pension professionals across Nigeria participated in the seminar. In the session, the Chief Executive Officer of PenOp, Oguche Agudah, gave a brief chat about the evolution of l cultures and practices in the workplace. James Poletyllo, Founding Director of The Learning Effect, facilitated the session. James is a consultant with over twenty years of experience in talent, learning, and HR roles and has supported global consumer brands, financial services, and international charities, including start-ups, and large national and multi-national organizations.

To begin the session, participants were introduced to why learning is important, creating a vision, and enacting a plan. The key takeaway of the session was that learning is not a means to an end but a daily mission to build a personal and employer brand. Learning is exploratory - part of a solution that helps build a better version. 

The session delved into focus and value, learning what counts and forgoing what doesn’t, what practically helps in business, and achieving transformation, which is essential in every industry. James said, "You can’t do everything, but you can learn and achieve purposefully". He also highlighted some of the essential components of a learning culture, such as questioning (seeking to understand and do something different), collaboration, practice, and knowledge sharing.

The session also established the importance of picking your route, which starts by knowing your current position, having a vision, and mapping out a realistic strategy and plan to improve learning capabilities.

The session shared that building a strong learning culture encompasses having personal learning content and infrastructure to audit what is available and creatively generate what is important for business, people, and the learning team for effective performance and purpose. 

This session was part of PenOp’s monthly knowledge-sharing session. The session is a forum that enables operators in the pension industry to network, share ideas, and listen to subject matter experts discuss topical and relative issues.