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Employer and Personal Branding in the New Normal

Knowledge Sharing Session on Employer and Personal Branding

Addressing Personal, Industry and Employer Branding in the Work Place – Pension Operators

Every company or individual has a reputation, it could include thoughts about your products, services, leaders, team members, history, and more, and your company’s reputation can also go beyond to inspire a specific perception or emotion,all this here is why the need to share knowledge and build a brand is ideal. With this in mind the Pension Fund Operators Association of Nigeria (PenOp) put together a seminar for the industry to educate on the need to embrace personaland employer branding. The seminar was tagged ‘Employer and Personal Branding in the New Normal’.

The online session which was open to pension professionals sought to answer questions such as:
What do employees say about your company as a workplace? What’s that onething to know/note about have a brand identity? Why does a business need tohave a brand identity? All of these and more were discussed at PenOp’srecent knowledge sharing session.

Over 200pension professionals at various levels participated in the session, which wasfacilitated by Adedoyin Jaiyesimi, co-founder Comms Avenue. Adedoyin, a Communications Advisor with over ten years’ experiencecreating and implementing communications strategy, Adedoyin works withorganisations and senior executives to strategically leverage the power ofcommunications to achieve organisational objectives.

To kickstart the session, participants were introduced to what Employerand Personal Branding is really about. A key takeaway of the seminar was how toproperly build a personal and employer brand.

The session delved into how employer branding is an essential in everyindustry, Adedoyin said, ‘‘Your brand is the entire identity of your business’’.She also highlighted some of the essential element that has to be present forcorporate identity such as logo, behavior, language, mission, vision, culture,design and communication.

Thesession also established the importance of employer branding which is the imageof the organization in the minds of current employees and key stakeholders inthe external market, this is key in having a good employer brand.

During the session itwas shared that one of the many secrets to building a strong personal brand ishaving a personal brand vision that is authentic to you. Having a strongpersonal brand allows you to control the narrative about yourself and it allowsyou to build credibility. Your personal brand is an extension of who you areand the values you stand for.

This session was part of PenOp’s monthlyknowledge session. The session is a forum that enables operators in the pensionindustry to network, share ideas and listen to subject matter experts discusstopical and relative issues.